Monday, December 3, 2012

Chest/Tricep Workout Results

Went to Workout Company at 5AM this morning to do Chest and Triceps! Check out the results below!

Workout Results for December 03: Chest and Triceps

I was particularly proud that I comfortably did 95 lbs on each arm for my second set in bench press. I was hoping to at least get the 100s up, but I ended up just stabilizing and then couldn't do anything more.

For dips, I added a second 45 to the belt for the first time. I was hardly able to do any at first, but I took a minute to rest, got some water, psyched myself up and tried again! Turns out, it's possible to get in a set after all!

Great workout, I'd say. Going back to do abs tonight.

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  1. Looking really good there buddy. ;) you definitely look like you're getting bigger in your shoulders and arms. keep up the good work.