Meet Jonas

Great to meet everyone! Here is a quick profile of myself so that you don't feel like your following a stranger's blog!

I was raised in Gheens, LA, where I grew up with my 2 brothers and my parents. My hometown (maybe smaller) was the remnants of a sugarcane plantation from the civil war era. My father raised us playing baseball, football, soccer, swimming, and everything we took an interest in. I'm grateful for this because it allowed my brothers and I the opportunity to try our hand at many sports.

When I was eligible for more competitive sports, I chose swimming, long distance running, hurdling, soccer, and tennis. Because I was one of the youngest of my grade level in school, my team always consisted of players from more advanced teams in recreational leagues giving me an edge of training over my fellow athletes outside of school.  

Miami University Rowing Varsity Lightweight 4, Fall 2008, Oars at attention during a practice
Miami Lightweight Varsity 4, Head of the Ohio
In college, I decided to try new sports including rowing and cheering. I rowed for LSU's Novice 8 and then for Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in the Varsity Lightweight 4. Cheering at University of New Orleans, I was trained in stunting by UCA at Texas-San Marcos as well as tumbling at Elmwood Gym in Harahan, LA.

Currently, I'm working in Houma, Louisiana as a graduate of Miami University. I have continued rowing with the Bayou Rowing Association. I've also taken up cycling with a bike I purchased at BG Bicycles in Houma. I work out every day at one of three gyms. If I'm in Houma during a normal day, I'll be at The Workout Company with my favorite equipment and staff. If I'm running late or in New Orleans also running late, I'll be at AnyTime Fitness on Canal Street or Robert E. Lee Blvd. Finally, on an average day in New Orleans, I'll be at New Orleans Athletic Club on N. Rampart. 

If you're a member of any of my gyms, be sure to give me a shout out and let me know how your goals are working out!

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