Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Week Before Measurements

Yesterday I worked out chest and triceps and today I worked out back and biceps. Some notes:

Dead lifts were very controlled and very fluid. I went up to having 2 45s on each side and didn't feel strained. So I added more weight. I suspect that when I take measurement again next week, I'll have improved greatly.

Dead Lifts
 After working out chest, I decided to flex a little in the mirror. I've never been trained in posing, but any gym junkie like myself can have some fun with a mirror and a tossed shirt. I'm still pretty little but if you compare these pictures, I've grown!
Flexing 01/03/12

Chest and torso peeking out of Halloween costume in 2010

Finally, I noticed on preacher curls that I was extremely controlled, kept my wrists strong, and was able to get a very slow, long extension on my curl. I believe that I will have gone up a lot in this exercise as well when I measure again next week!
Preachers with a 25, a 5, then a 10, on a 20 lb bar! That's 100 lbs!

After the holidays, my nutrition has stayed pretty decent. I'll do another calories report for the week soon, so stay tuned! Tomorrow is shoulders and legs! Hoorah!