Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Pick Up

Alright, I've quasi survived my first holiday scare. Last week, my last workout was back biceps, and not a great set since I was rushing through it to get to my holiday party in New Orleans. Since then, I had planned to keep up my normal routine while hosting my holiday party this past weekend, but....that didn't happen.

Tonight, I decided to get back on track with things after exactly a week of disregarding my diet and workout. I'm sure I've undereaten and over rested, but now I'm back and ready! 

Today's chest tri workout leaves me extremely tired and sore, but that's what I get for skipping on a holiday! Maybe this will have saved me for the remainder of the season!?

Some notes from today's workout...

I lifted 95 for 2 sets on bench, but couldn't get them up for my third set. I was very disappointed since last week I got 100s up. Blaming myself for this one. Also, my guilt kept playing tricks on me because I felt smaller than ever when I'd pass the mirrors, which at Workout Co are everywhere. 
Selfie of the day...chest tri upper body it is!....I'm 6' tall btw.

I was impressed at how well I did for the remainder of the workout. My chest fly machine presses are still up in weight above my body weight. 

I ended by doing dips without any weight added. I was surprisingly tired. I'm usually ready to do abs after that. unfortunately they were closing, or fortunately today I guess. 

I look forward to keeping up pace tomorrow in the AM.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

First and foremost, I want to say how hard I worked yesterday at eating over 3700 calories! I even went a little overboard! My phone app suggests that I took in way more than I burned! However, yesterday was a long day at the office, so the workout was about it!
Eat v Burned for Dec 04, 2012
Here is a breakdown of my diet's nutritional value from yesterday. I'm really not sure how good or bad I did on this part. If anyone has any suggestions to change anything, hit me up ASAP! Every day is another diet!

Diet Nutritional Summary  Dec 04 2012
Also, yesterday we took measurements! I will be updating these totals on the measurement page! As it stands my chest is almost 40 inches! That's pretty good!

Shoulder workout results:

I went to the Workout Company at 430 AM for my shoulder workout. I was upset that I still couldn't get the 70s up for press. But after that every exercise went up in weight about 10 lbs or more. I'm very proud of my front raises and delt raises. They were solidly better than prior workouts. You'll also notice my shrugs got up to 200 lbs. I will be switching to dumbbells next week!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday: Back/Biceps Morning Workout

Check out the results of this mornings 5am Back and Bicep workout:

I added 10 pounds on dead lift, but I felt much more stable and in control than I have in the past for my second set. The pull coming from my lower and mid back seems more intentional and my posture was much more in tact. It felt the best I've ever felt for a dead lift set. 

I'm most proud of the weight I was able to add for my lat pull-downs, seated cable row, and most of all my single arm curls! When doing the 50 lb weight and going very slow on the negatives, I wanted to quit very badly, but I kept with it and finished the set. I had to shake my arms out after from the burning. 

I was considering adding another back exercise to this day's workout for next week, but I'm unsure. If anyone thinks that might be too much, let me know. 

I also tried to have the trainer measure my body fat percentage, but after the workout, she said it would be skewed. I'm going back to have it done, so I'll keep y'all posted!

Monday, December 3, 2012

BMR, TDEE, BMI: Creating a Diet to GAIN 10!

 I was told to try a website,, to determine how to create my diet plan for bulking. Here are the results of my body composition calculator:

Notice, the site gave me a goal. To gain 10 lbs in 70 days, working out 5 times a week, I must eat 3473 in week 1 on a rest day and 3788 on a workout day! This is a great measurement, but if anyone out there has something a bit more accurate or some comments on the accuracy of this site, I am treading in unfamiliar waters here! Any help would be much obliged, folks!

Chest/Tricep Workout Results

Went to Workout Company at 5AM this morning to do Chest and Triceps! Check out the results below!

Workout Results for December 03: Chest and Triceps

I was particularly proud that I comfortably did 95 lbs on each arm for my second set in bench press. I was hoping to at least get the 100s up, but I ended up just stabilizing and then couldn't do anything more.

For dips, I added a second 45 to the belt for the first time. I was hardly able to do any at first, but I took a minute to rest, got some water, psyched myself up and tried again! Turns out, it's possible to get in a set after all!

Great workout, I'd say. Going back to do abs tonight.