Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday: Back/Biceps Morning Workout

Check out the results of this mornings 5am Back and Bicep workout:

I added 10 pounds on dead lift, but I felt much more stable and in control than I have in the past for my second set. The pull coming from my lower and mid back seems more intentional and my posture was much more in tact. It felt the best I've ever felt for a dead lift set. 

I'm most proud of the weight I was able to add for my lat pull-downs, seated cable row, and most of all my single arm curls! When doing the 50 lb weight and going very slow on the negatives, I wanted to quit very badly, but I kept with it and finished the set. I had to shake my arms out after from the burning. 

I was considering adding another back exercise to this day's workout for next week, but I'm unsure. If anyone thinks that might be too much, let me know. 

I also tried to have the trainer measure my body fat percentage, but after the workout, she said it would be skewed. I'm going back to have it done, so I'll keep y'all posted!

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