Wednesday, December 5, 2012

First and foremost, I want to say how hard I worked yesterday at eating over 3700 calories! I even went a little overboard! My phone app suggests that I took in way more than I burned! However, yesterday was a long day at the office, so the workout was about it!
Eat v Burned for Dec 04, 2012
Here is a breakdown of my diet's nutritional value from yesterday. I'm really not sure how good or bad I did on this part. If anyone has any suggestions to change anything, hit me up ASAP! Every day is another diet!

Diet Nutritional Summary  Dec 04 2012
Also, yesterday we took measurements! I will be updating these totals on the measurement page! As it stands my chest is almost 40 inches! That's pretty good!

Shoulder workout results:

I went to the Workout Company at 430 AM for my shoulder workout. I was upset that I still couldn't get the 70s up for press. But after that every exercise went up in weight about 10 lbs or more. I'm very proud of my front raises and delt raises. They were solidly better than prior workouts. You'll also notice my shrugs got up to 200 lbs. I will be switching to dumbbells next week!

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  1. Hey what software/website are you using to do all this??? Very interesting. :)