Monday, July 16, 2012

My chest workout from yesterday has now been posted on to the Workout page. Please check it out and give me some feedback! I will be posting my workout results there as it will free up some blog space for better and more interesting things.

I tried to up my dumbbell press to 95 lbs weights which I lifted last week, but being they were in the middle of the workout, I couldn't get them up except for 1 time amidst multiple tries. Still felt good. I didn't have a spotter for the barbells or else I believe I would have lifted more weight and done more reps. Anyone want to start spotting me on chest days?

Diet/Nutrition Notes:  (this will be posted on the diet portion shortly)

Before the workout, I took 2 scoops of N'Sane Pre-Workout, along with  2 Pre-Alkalyn tablets, 3 Fish Oil, and 1 Vitamin B Super Complex. (I took the PA tabs and fish oil again before bed.)
Post workout, I bought a Mo'Mass smoothie from the gym. It has 1,024 calories.
Later today, I ate 1 protein bar for lunch and for dinner had a chimichanga and some chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant. I know my first order of business is definitely to up my intake. Pre-good night protein shake is about to happen.

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